A Horror Thriller by A. B. Gibson

Like the thousands of others who visit Winters’ Farm and Orchard each year, four young professionals from the city eagerly anticipate picking apples and pumpkins and taking the challenge of the Giant Corn Maze together.  It’s the last day of the farm’s PumpkinFest season, and the weather and the farm are picture perfect.  

They discover they picked the wrong weekend to stay at the farm’s Bed and Breakfast for their reunion, however, and after a frantic twenty-four hours of deception and mayhem, they find themselves unwilling participants in a horrific family tradition.


Enjoy this trailer for The Dead of Winter.  Yes, even books have trailers, now!

“The Dead of Winter”

 My first book, “The Dead of Winter” was born of my insane lifelong attraction to horror movies.  I remember staying up late with my older brother, Pete, on the living room floor, where we’d dragged tons of blankets and pillows to spend those special nights.  Though he was older, Pete was just as scared as I was.

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