Reviews of “The Dead of Winter.”  Click the links for the full review.

“A Twisted Maze of Fright” – Megan Sandwick, Baltimore Out Loud

“Storytelling that’s Scary Good” – Bonnie Williamson, The Spirit of Jefferson

“And then things get a little crazy—and then a lot crazy.  And creepy scary.” – David Lillard, the Observer

“This novel seems tailor-made to become a horror movie, with its isolated city folk and disturbing, possibly murderous “hicks.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Although readers will know what to expect, this spine-tingling book will still induce shrieks.”Kirkus Reviews

“Four friends reunite at a bed-and-breakfast and find some local Halloween-themed attractions to be a little too frightening in Gibson’s debut horror yarn.” – Kirkus Reviews

“While many elements in The Dead of Winter will be familiar to horror aficionados (an evil clown, deformed children with burlap masks, secret passageways, a subterranean dungeon, etc.), the conclusion should surprise. And Gibson offers vivid descriptions of the various settings, including the ominous pumpkin patch and farmhouse. His sharp dialogue illuminates well the hedonistic character of the four friends.” – Blue Ink Review

“This atmospheric horror novel offers pleasant chills to readers looking for a good, realistic scare.” – Foreword Review